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Space Availability - MacRae Library

Use of Library Spaces for Events

The MacRae Library has a variety of bookable rooms in the newly renovated Student Learning Commons. Whether you need to connect to a hybrid meeting or host a catered gala, the MacRae Library has a room to suit your needs.

Available rooms include:

  • SLC Boardroom (208): Set up for hybrid/online meetings. Has a long boardroom table that can seat 12. Bookable by faculty, staff, and grad students who are doing an ATC exam or thesis defense.
  • FCC Meeting Room (228)Set up for hybrid/online meetings. Has a shorter boardroom table that can seat 6. Bookable by faculty, staff, and DASA members (e.g. for DASA meetings, registered clubs and societies, etc.).
  • Indigenous Community Room (242): A room dedicated to the promotion of Indigenous knowledge and culture. Hosts the NCTR Hub. Can seat 12 at a round table, with the option to expand into the Sunroom.
  • Sunroom (243): Available to book for non-academic purposes, such as small cultural events, workshops, or wellness classes. When room is not booked, it can be used as a space to relax and socialize.
  • Program Room A and Program Room B (218 & 219): Large event rooms with A/V equipment and easy to rearrange furniture. Can combine the rooms for even more space. Seats 60 per room. Hybrid equipment available on request.
  • Foyer: Set up a table in the SLC foyer to engage with the student body. Suitable for advertising services, info sessions, awareness campaigns, and more.

General Use Guidelines and Booking Procedure for Bookable Spaces

These spaces are reserved for student-centred or university-sponsored events during the academic year. For bookings outside of this scope, consult Campus Bookings to find a suitable space.

Book are only permitted during the summer months and are managed through Event & Conference Services. Please contact the Conference Coordinator, for details at (902) 893-4122 or

Booking Procedure: A booking request must be submitted through our online form. The following information will be required to complete the form:

· Name(s) of event organizer and sponsor

· Affiliation with the university

· Phone number and e-mail address of primary event contact person

· Group name

· Purpose of event

· Space required or desired

· Date needed, as well as start and end times

· Estimated number of attendees

NOTE: The MacRae Library's study rooms and general study areas are not available for booking by members of either the Dalhousie or Truro communities. These spaces are an integral part of the MacRae Library public research space and events in these areas while the Library is open would be disruptive to Library use.

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